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Daaamn, this is so cute! i love it!


too bad it got cancelled. looks real nice

Fantino7w7 responds:

Yes, but at the moment I hardly have time for this type of project, it would be great to follow it but I currently have other commitments

wow. this really a one person job?????? holy fuck i'm impressed O__O

Bugawuga responds:

Yeah it was quite the hustle^^

Cool. Being a test and all, i'm guessing you're open to criticism. And the only thing i could say, really, is about the smile being too obviously a tween. I think this wouldn't be a problem in a more flash-like animation or something, but what you're aiming for is more complex, sort of a tween and frame by frame mix, maybe? I know there's tweening on the eyes too, but they're more subtle. You managed to make it not obvious by separating the pupil from from the eyelids, and what i suggest is doing the same for the mouth: keeping the teeth still and tweening the lips. I think what makes it obvious is the teeth stretching, heh.

I hope i was useful. Apart from that, you draw awesomely, and i see a great potential there!

I rated 2.5 stars because it's a sketch/test, of course, but inside that category i'd vote four i guess. Keep it up!

FREISKA responds:

Ooooooohhh hell, didn’t think about that! This is an extremely valuable comment, thank you for your time !!!
Yep, this was like, more of a test to see how I could operate Procreate’s animation system, which is not really easy peasy to use, but I’m definitely going to try something not involving tweening once I understand it better and eventually get faster.
The tip about the mouth is something I really need to try out as soon as I can. Thank you again !!!

Quality content


Hey, drawings are great, but we can't rate much if we can't get what's being said. I mean, surely in this case we can get the general message, lol, but some subtitles would be nice.

Koray98 responds:

Thanks Edeshye. Yes youre right. Back than i made animations in english, but right now i only made animations in german on Youtube. But i will made english movies again soon

like this if you cry every tim :/

that's pretty cool yo!

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