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Woo, first impressions I love it, refreshingly real, second thought you might be missing the good parts if it's all from this angle..reading the comment on interactive versions hmm... this sounds promising.

Looking forward to seeing it for real.

Thank you Mr. Devil. What are your suggestions on angles? so far i've only done POV stuff - in the interactive version of this one you can rotate the camera so it's more realistic.

Interactive versions are available on Patreon only - i had to do this when browsers stopped supporting flash

Ah I'm not sure what the ideal ones would be, but usually more frontside than backside feels more aesthetically appealing to me. Everything's just a little veiled in back. Not just the body, but expressions too, which always seem like a food amplifier of pleasure/playfulness/whatever sensations are a going on there.

Are they still in Flash? It might not be impossible to have those here too though, Ruffle supports at least AS2 pretty well, and there is the NG Player too, though requires a bit more effort for users to get that working. Have you tested those submissions here too though recently? Do you package them as a standalone .exe now?

Though I understand if you'd want to have them as a perk for Patrons only either way, seems like pretty good incentive to join up.

Yes, face expressions is someone i have to work on, you're not the only that came with that point.
I still use flash because it's the program i know.. I recently talked to Mr. Fulp about the Newgrounds Player and he said Windows is making it difficult for it to work properly, and they're working on a solution. So ever since this year began i'm in a question mark regarding where to go.. keep doing flash and only upload video? learn Unity? i still don't have an answer.
I provide .swf's for my patrons, it's quite easy to download and play. I didn't know there was a way to convert .swf to .exe

but the only reason i don't upload the interactive versions for now is because flash isn't working. Last year i uploaded my game Cute Neighbour with the interactive scenes. In this case, the patron perks was saving option or bonus stuff.

*GOOD amplifier, lmao XD

Regarding the angles btw, was thinking it seems the most common ones are usually head on, either front or back, feels like ones that are slightly from the side always come across richer somehow, everything's more dimensional but also just... richer somehow. Maybe that's just me though. Maybe it's just the more difficult angles feel like the more thorough ones. Maybe it's refreshing with less used vantage points too. :)

Well it'll be interesting to see how those expressions evolve. :) Probably hard to master.

Regarding Flash, the videos you upload now were made with Flash too then? yeah when you export your file you can select to export as a standalone .exe, though I'm not sure if Windows/Adobe are trying to block these too... hopefully not. A while ago at least it seemed to be the one way you could keep playing them. Even if you download the .swf file it won't work without workarounds now, an older player or modified configuration file (that was the latest edit with the NG Player - seems to still work with Windows 7 but not 10 currently) for example. With Ruffle however it should be possible to play regardless, though it doesn't support AS3 yet, thus my question regarding that?

Ah that's good to know. Hope we might be seeing some of those again here some day then, when it's all working like it's supposed to...

yes, the movies are made on flash as well. Actually they're just a capture of the interactive version on loop. For the swf's a keep a tutorial on how to play them on my patreon page.
About Ruffle, everything i make is on as3, so unfortunately it doesn't work as of yet. I made Tom Fulp Sim Date Hentai on as2 but it's just a meme so it didn't demand much quality, heh

Ah that's how it works! Would've thought there was an interlace included too, is that just outside the frame then? Or if it is there it's subtle, I don't recall it...

Aha, that's a bummer, hope Ruffle improves quick enough and starts supporting that too then, quick way to get it all working online too then. :)

actually i didn't capture it using a screen capture software, i pasted the loop on the timeline and exported it on swf, then used Swivel to convert for video. Maybe "capture" was the wrong term for it, sorry heh (sometimes i still struggle with english)

Nice! Gotta appreciate the elaborate process behind that too, all for a quality viewing experience. :)

No worries about the English! It's not bad at all. though I'm not a native either so maybe not the right person to say so. ;)